salted caramel sauce paleo 340

Easy Paleo Salted Caramel Sauce

Today is day 17 of my first Whole30- that’s more than half way through! Whoo! This has really made me appreciate those who have completed Whole60s and Whole90s. WOW, those people are my heroes. That’s a long long time without a Paleo donut. Yeesh. Today was also my second CrossFit Fundamentals class. I’ve been looking…

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25 Paleo Super Bowl Snacks | South Beach Primal

25 Paleo Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl XLIX is nearly upon us. Does it make me a bad American if I don’t like football? It’s not that I don’t like football in particular, because really I don’t like ANY sports. Well I guess it’s more like I’m indifferent to them. But oddly enough I do enjoy Super Bowl parties. What’s…

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Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecakes

pumpkin cheesecake grainfree 340

Happy belated New Year! I’ve been here on South Beach, working my butt off as usual. I saw a friend who follows my blog a few weeks ago, and he called me out for not posting more frequently. He said, “Each new post you keep saying how you PROMISE you’re going ...

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Family Resolution Revolution Bundle Sale!

Family Resolution Revolution

Another year is looming in front of us, and I swear I'm JUST now getting the hang of writing 2014. What the heck happened to the past 12 months? I've been doing my annual ritual of eating my weight in holiday treats and totally veering off the Paleo ...

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Persimmon Waffles with Cranberry Nut Butter

Paleo Persimmon Waffles with Cranberry Nut Butter | South Beach Primal

    Hey guys! Since I've been feverishly working on an exciting new project (with 10 of the most talented Paleo bloggers out there right now, eek!) my friend Monica from The Movement Menu has so kindly agreed to be MY FIRST EVER guest post on ...

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Paleo Cockroach Clusters

Paleo Cockroach Clusters 340

Halloween is tomorrow and I still don't have a costume (which is bananas by the way, VERY unlike me). Mostly because I've been way too busy with work and side projects. I'm just not feeling it this year. I think if I had the lure of candy, then I'd feel ...

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