Fantasy Fest 2012

Key West, Florida. It’s pretty much the party capital of the entire state, although South Beach can give it a run for its money. It’s about a 3 ½ hour drive from my house and so far I’ve only been down there three times because any more than that and I’d be in trouble. For sure.

Once a year during the week of Halloween people travel from all over the nation to come to Fantasy Fest: a costume-themed Mardi Gras ON CRACK. Body paint, bare-breasted women, bizarre costumes, g-strings, and LOTS of old shriveled up ball sacks: this place has it all.

So NATURALLY it has my name written all over it, minus the ‘drinking shenanigans’ part. I actually found that apart from the balls-to-the-barroom-wall drinking aspect of it, there are so many fun, cool people who travel every year to hang out with people they met at previous FFs. Sure, you gotta side step the occasional Swinger’s proposal, but there’s plenty of monogamous couples walking around so my bf and I didn’t feel uncomfortable.


Ok prudie, if boobies/butts/balls throw you into a fit, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Yeah, that was HAIRY. Gah!

Lots of sparkles, glitter, and bondage-esque wear on Thursday night. I was a post-apocalyptic seaweed person in keeping with the FF “a-CONCH-alypse” theme. .


This couple was part of an entire Tooth Fairy crew. They were handing out plastic teeth on necklaces :]



Group costumes are the best!

Dante’s Pool Party is a very wild time.  Bring your own flotation devices.

Xotic Eyes owner hawking her cool body art costumes.

Primal food options abound at the Street Fair.


The most Primal costume at Friday’s parade.

If you are quick enough, you could probably even catch your own primal dinner (chickens run loose everywhere in Key West).


I see what they did there…

On the streets.



These guys had some of the best costumes, very realistic.



OOPS, how did that fresh-baked pumpkin donut get in my mouth?!


So is Fantasy Fest Primal? Well, with $2 beers being hawked at the front of every store and Key Lime Pie beckoning every other block, temptations certainly abound, and our diet definitely went off the rails a bit on this trip  But on the other hand Fantasy Fest is one of the few events in America where you can quite literally dress like Grok without anybody looking at you like you’re crazy. Plus Key West is a walking town so you’ll definitely get a lot of exercise heading too and fro- and there is always more strenuous workout activities available at night for those who care to partake. Wink wink.

Overall, Fantasy Fest is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in a crazy, adult themed getaway. If you do decide to attend, book your hotel room early because they fill up fast. Early in the week is more “lifestyle” heavy in terms of the overall crowd and most of the action centers around the individual bars and fetish parties. By Wednesday a lot more people start to stream in and the action spills in to the streets. It all leads up to the big parade on Saturday night, which is a total madhouse.



  1. George says

    So I googled “Paleo Recipes” since I was trying to find some new things to cook, and ended up here. Was reading through the blog and one of the pictures above is of my girlfriend. When she got home from work, I said “Hey – I have something I gotta show you. You’re picture is on the internet.” Her reaction was a “OMG – Is that a porn site?” to my response of “Nope… Paleo recipes and Fitness blog.” To which we had a good laugh about.

    Just wanted to share :) – We attend Fantasy Fest every year. Fun Time

    • says

      Hahaa! That’s awesome! I didn’t go this past year but I know a bunch of friends who still go every year. I don’t mind removing the pic if your girlfriend doesn’t want it posted. I know it can be quite a shock (been there). Thanks for following! :]

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